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Entrance Ceremony

Entrance Ceremony

My eldest daughter Maya recently had her entrance ceremony for kindergarten. I wasn’t sure on the procedure and niether was my husband being a typical male so I had to rely on other people’s posts on what to expect.

Before seeing a picture online of my friend’s wife in formal attire ready to attend her son’s ceremony I had no idea that it was a formal event. Mind you this was three days before my daughter’s was due to take place. Thank God he put that photo up or my husband and I would have turned up in jeans and flipflops!

Anyway, I was able to find out through another mum’s post that most women wore pastel coloured suits to entrance ceremonies and dark colours to graduation ones. So I picked up a pastel coloured jacket and teamed it with a black dress and an oversized flower which is to be worn on your left side between above your breast and your shoulder. The flower is supposed to be pink or coral for kindergarten and elementary school ceremonies and beige or white for older school ceremonies. This information was pointed out to me by the very helpful saleswoman at the boutique at which I purchased the flower. Also you should note that these pin on flowers retail from between 2,000円 to 8,000円 and upwards.

The day itself was like being at a school assembly where teachers to bus drivers introduce themselves to the kids and photo’s are taken. Not really sure why the formal attire is necessary but it is nice to dress up once in a while.

No pics of the day as my daughter was camera shy that day but there will be many more entrance ceremonies to come should we stay in Japan.



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