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We have an English speaking licensed real estate agent.

◆Suliana Tesi Nakamura


メルボルン、La Trobe大学にて物理学と哲学を専攻、学士取得。



La Trobe 大学↓


My name is Suliana Tesi Nakamura. I’m from Australia and have been living
in Japan since 2005.
I taught English in Tokyo for 5 years and moved to Takamatsu in 2011 after
getting married. I have two daughters named Maya and Emma.

Bachelor of Science; Double Major in Physics and Philosphy from La Trobe
University Melbourne, Australia.

Before moving to Japan, I worked as an advertising manager for one of Melbourne’s
leading Real Estate agencies for 8 years.

In 2005, I was employed by a major English Language school in Tokyo and
was promoted to a teacher’s trainer 6 months later.
I transfered to Takamatsu , Shikoku in 2011 and taught English as a regular
English Instructor.

I have had experience teaching English to students from the ages of 2 to
86 in as many varying abilities. Conversational English, Business English
, TOEIC, TOEFL and English for young learners are my specialities and I
have also taught IELTS and medical English.

Unlike most foreign language teachers in Japan, I have had real business
experience and know how
to deal with clients, subordinates and management in everyday situations,
in sales, marketing and in problem scenarios. As such, I have an edge most
other teachers lack here in Japan.

Coming from a multicultural background and society, I have a keen ear for
non native English and am able to communicate well with those who have
a very limited English ability.

With management experience in teaching English as a foreign language, dedication
and devotion; I have the tools necessary to ensure that your learning experience
is the best there is to be had.