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Kids Lessons

Kids Lessons

Having worked in a major English school for 7 years, teaching kids was a big part of my career. I have had the pleasure of teaching kids from ages 2 to 12 and seen them grow. However, I also saw the negative side of chain schools and thier lack of focus on learning. They pack 6 to 8 kids in a classroom and provide little in the way of catering to student’s abilities. These schools charge a reasonable fee for an unreasonable service. Instructors are not allowed to vary the curriculum even if the kids can’t follow. Some kids don’t want to be there. Some kids are disruptive and prevent others from trying to learn. Classes are set. Schedules can’t be changed and missed lessons can’t be made up.

For the reasons above, I decided that when offering kids lessons I would offer something big schools can’t. Flexibility, dedication to teaching a curriculum that would allow kids to learn and improve and fun filled lessons in small groups of 2 to 4 students max. As a mother, I understand how important education is and how important it is to see results for an investment made. For this reason our lessons are for students who want to learn and enjoy learning English. As such our fees are a little higher than the chain schools but so are our standards and level of service.


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